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Macleay Street Medical welcomes Physiotherapist:



Nicholas Mangan   B.Sc (phyt), M.A.P.A


 Nicholas Mangan



Specialises in:


 - Back Pain

 - Osteoarthritis

 - Tendon issues

 - Foot and ankle pain

 - Sports Injury prevention and management

 - Running injuries


After graduating from the University of Sydney with a Master of Physiotherapy degree, Nick began his Physiotherapy career in private practice where he had the opportunity to work with the local AFL and rugby teams. Nick emphasises patient education during rehabilitation, while also incorporating dry-needling and manual therapy within treatment sessions. He has special interests in knee and sports related injuries.

Originally from Vancouver, Canada, Nick has a background in Kinesiology and has diverse work experience in brain injury rehabilitation, and adaptive sports coaching for disabled athletes. In addition to working with lacrosse and ice hockey teams as a sports trainer and coach.


Nicholas is aligned with the mobile physio business Go Go Physio. So you can book physio here on the days he is not in the clinic.




 Andrew Ross  B.Sc (phyt), M.A.P.A


Andrew Ross Physio


After graduating from Manchester, England, Andrew has worked in both private clinics and public hospitals, and was lucky enough to work with the Manchester City football club youth academy (before the Abu Dhabi money injection!). He has worked with soccer,rugby and martial arts clubs in London and is now the official physio for the UNSW state league soccer team.

Andrew is a qualified Clinical Pilates instructor and has recently been providing Pilates classes to the Canterbury Bulldogs NRL team.Andrew uses Western Acupuncture, dry-needling and real-time ultrasound to improve clinical results.He has a special interest in running and sports-related injuries.

Andrew hails from the bonny shores of Scotland but we won’t hold that against him! He still likes a game of football,running and bushwalking.

Andrew works in the clinic on a Friday afternoon.


Andrew and Nicholas Specialise in:


 - Back Pain

 - Osteoarthritis

 - Tendon issues

 - Foot and ankle pain

 - Sports Injury prevention and management

 - Running injuries


Physiotherapy Fees:


Initial Consultation - $90

Standard Consultation -$80


10% discount for seniors and students

EPC/DVA/CTP/insurance all accepted


HICAPS available - all health funds accepted





Monday: 8.30am - 12.30pm

Tuesday: mobile service available

Wednesday: 8.30am - 1pm

Thursday: mobile service available

Friday: 1pm - 6pm

Sat/Sun: mobile service available



New Potts Point Physiotherapy service available.